3D Sensing TOF (Time of Flight ) Product Solution

GIGABYTE provides new innovated 3D sensing product -Time of Flight (ToF) sensor (camera) is a special purpose, economic -cost smart solution with novel 3D imaging capture technology.
3D Sensing TOF Solution
ToF camera includes high-performance advanced depth analytics as a standard feature, improving measurement accuracy and performance. It also gets practical information on whether the third dimension is actually worthwhile for your application and has excellent performance even in the most challenging lighting conditions. Also, TOF is non-privacy, detect object recognition & skeleton.
3D TOF Camera
This 3D TOF device would be perfect to us for various applications from AIOT, AI Robot , Industry 4.0, Automation, Automotive, Smart Retail, Smart Surveillance (I-Fence) to Medical care and aimed to help our customers to do cost-effective way to benefit for their project infrastructure in the future.    To use GIGABYTE TOF 3D sensing solution can help customer's projects to be  more proficiency with budget saving as well as more competition advantage on their business development in future.
Smart Security
GIGABYTE TOF senor is an most effective way for smart security solution, whatever from man power saving and easy to deploy for last mile installation.
Smart Shop
TOF sensor is great benefit to bundle with digital signage. By using TOF to detect consumer's gender, gesture, motion, age then generated into digital signage for further interaction and behavior as well as can have data base to do marketing plan for retail shop.
Medical Care
TOF sensor is non-privacy product and ideal to use for patient monitoring in the hospital or house center. If there will have some abnormal message from patient, the nursing station center can know right away to have on-call service on time.
AI Robot
Artificial Intelligence has long entered our workplace and home. It is used in robotics, where collaborative robots deliver parts and perform repetitive or even dangerous tasks. TOF is essential element to help Robot for advanced object recognition and avoidance whatever from automation, logistic, health /home care...etc.
Best Way To Save For Project Management Budget
GIGABYTE is aimed for trend of new cutting edge technologies and foreseen optimistically about the potential market of machine vision in coming years and also align with current AI computing platform.  This will make the capture performance of 3D image processing and application to be more flexible with time-saving. The most important is using GIGABYTE TOF 3D sensing solution can assist customer’s projects for more proficiency and budget saving as well as more competition advantage on their business development in future.
Best Way To Save For Project Management Budget
This calibration system would help customers to capture 3D depth information to be more accuracy as well as fit with their project requirement precisely. 

GIGABYTE TOF solutions has provided own software development kit tool which was integrated together of the combination of driver, algorithms and calibration based on different main 3D depth sensing chipset in the market. 

Offering dual software OS Window & Linux can be more alternative choice and also based ARM platform to prevent hacker & virus attack.
suitable to Performance, Efficiency
Edging Computing System with real time performance
suitable to Quality, Accuracy
Low Computing System Requirement
suitable to User Friendly, Ease of Use& Lower maintenance requirement
Non-Privacy Issue
suitable to Security, Data Protection
Algorithm Integration
suitable to Reliability, Consistency
Unique Calibration Technology
TOF Product Series
There are four kinds of TOF products  to fit with different project applications from indoor to outdoor. 
TOF Ethernet Version
TOF USB3.0 VGA 640x480
Outdoor TOF 320x240 Pixel
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